How It Works

FREE Discovery Call

A discovery call is approx. 30 mins long and is an opportunity for us to get to know each other. It is a 'try-on-for-size' session for both coach and prospective client. It cover the logistics of the process, the time, place and duration of the sessions. During the call, I explain a little about me, what is expected from both of us, for you to reach your desired results. It is not a coaching session.

A willingness to be challenged

A coach is not your friend, but they can be an ally! A coach is a partner on the journey to a goal you desire, one that you realise you would not achieve alone. This will require you to move out of your comfort zone, therefore a coach will challenge you and hold you accountable for the actions that you yourself have set during the session.

Number of sessions to have an impact

As success is not achieved overnight, a minimum of 4 sessions is recommended.

Coaching Tools

My coaching style is client focused and action oriented and I use a variety of both well established and newer tools and techniques. What I use is dependent on what works well with the client. What is met with enthusiasm by one client may fall flat with another. You bring the goal and I provide the framework. One thing that you can expect in any coaching relationship is questions, and lots of them!

Expected Outcomes

Ultimately coaching must produce actual results. Goals and desired results are set up at the beginning of the coaching relationship, are agreed upon by all parties and must be measurable.

What It Is Not!
  • It is not a training programme;
  • It is not consulting;
  • I will not present you with all the answers;
  • You will not be handed a ready-made plan.


If you have any questions about coaching, or would like to schedule a FREE discovery consultation, please get in touch today.

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